MCS Group holds the lead in the private sector, with its’ 10 subsidiaries receiving the “Top-100” awards


2021 was a year of hardship for the public sector and to the country as a whole, not only with the global COVID-19 pandemic continuing, but also due to fact that the unforeseen hardship, and required us to face the certain adversities.

Celebrating the enterprises for their contributions to the social and economic well-being based on five indicators, the “Top-100” award were presented to 10 of the subsidiaries of MCS Group, while taking the lead based on group company indicators.

MCS Group leads by example, by endeavoring to support domestic industries, drawing in national companies for our investments and major projects, while ensuring local entities to have opportunities for stable operations. For instance, the total value of MCS Group’s procurement in 2021 amounted to 1.5 trillion tugriks, with contribution to local businesses by procuring products and services worth 1 trillion MNT, from 3700 domestic companies, and 700 entrepreneurs.

In 2021, our subsidiaries, namely Energy Resources, Unitel Group, MCS Coca-Cola, Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Hotel, Univision, MCS Property, Total Distribution, Uniservice Solution, MCS International, and International Medical Center were honoured with the “Top-100” awards.

MCS Group subsidiaries’ and ventures have paid 462 billion MNT in taxes last calendar year, out of accumulated total of over 3 trillion MNT in taxes over the last ten years.

With investments, we have striven to create stable working environment that we sustained during the economic downturn caused by the global pandemic, and currently employs 10 thousand employees, while providing 20 thousand job opportunities directly, as well as indirectly.

In line with our aim to comply with the sustainable development principles in our business operations and social responsibilities, we also value the importance of creating an influence to be environmentally friendly and to be beneficial to the society. As such, we implemented over 70 projects and programmes in 2021. Last year, MCS Group have spent a total of 27 billion MNT in social responsibility projects, of which goods, services, funds and donations worth 1.7 billion MNT were distributed to the organizations and individuals fighting against the COVID 19 pandemic.

All in all, we have contributed to our nation’s social and economic well-being by contributing 1.3 billion tugriks a day, or 38.5 billion MNT a month to taxes and fees, paid at least 20 billion a month in salaries and bonuses for our 10 thousand employees, and supported 4400 businesses by purchasing 83 billion MNT worth of goods and services, enabling 20 thousand indirect employments, and endeavour to fulfil our commitments to the social responsibility entirely.