Our history
16 April 1993. MCS (Mongolian Consulting Service) was established by four young Mongolians.

One of them, Odjargal, had the idea to set up a consultancy while working at Electrowatt in Zurich, Switzerland, 1992.

In the first four years of its existence, MCS successfully completed more than 20 project studies in the energy, agriculture and environment sectors, funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), United Nations, European Community and Agricultural development organizations.

MCS completed a number of projects for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), including the Institutional and Tariff study; Power System Master Plan (for ADB and Worley International) and the TES-3 Power Station Rehabilitation Project (for ADB and the Swedish International Development Agency).

MCS enters the second stage of its business development by starting an importing business.

MCS sets up Interpress, a printing company, while continuing to expand its import and sales of furniture, computers and IT services.

The opening of the Computer center in September 1996 marked the beginning of MCS Electronics LLC which, in its first year, became the official distributor of Packard Bell, an internationally known technology company.

Anun, a furniture company, is established to meet the demand from Mongolia’s growing number of private companies for modern office furniture.

In 1998, MCS enters the third stage of its business development by acquiring, through privatization, Spirt Bal Buram, an alcohol manufacturer, and investing in increasing its capacity to produce and distribute consumer goods.

Spirt Bal Buram’s operations are overhauled and improved, resulting in increased output, (1.5 times more), which generates an annual tax payments of 31.5 billion MNT, by 2008, an increase on its 1.5 billion MNT annual tax payment in 1998.

MCS enters the consumer goods market by establishing Anungoo to distribute Procter & Gamble products domestically. Today, Anungoo sells 60 of P&G and Nestle’s international brands.

MCS Construction LLC (which was later renamed MCS Property LLC) is established, representing our entry into the construction and real estate sector.

MCS Group is exclusively authorized to produce and sell Coca-Cola Company products in Mongolia. The MCS Coca-Cola Company was established and in 2002 it began producing internationally known soft drink brands in Mongolia. Becoming a member of the Coca-Cola family enables MCS to learn about technology, management and marketing as well as the organizational culture of a large multinational corporation.

MCS Holding LLC is established to provide its subsidiary companies with a unified management system.

MCS purchases Mongolian cashmere and camel wool company and renames it Goyo. A technology upgrade expands capacity and Goyo supplies high quality woollen apparels to domestic and foreign markets.

MCS Asia Pacific Brewery LLC, a beer production and trading company, is set up in cooperation with Asia Pacific Breweries of Singapore. In 2007, the Tiger brewery opens and the national brand Sengur is released to consumers.

Unitel LLC, a telecommunication company, is set up and provides a nationwide cellular phone service. In 2011, Univision LLC, IPTV company, was set up and launched the first triple-play service (IPTV, IPPhone, IPNet) in Mongolia.

Since 2008, MCS Group has made major strides in telecommunications, property development, engineering, infrastructure, mining and manufacturing beverages, creating a modern environment for Mongolian people and a major contribution to the economy.

The Central Tower is built in downtown Ulaanbaatar, with modern offices and service centers and a fountain garden for residents to relax in.

The foundation of the Ukhaa Khudag Industrial Complex is laid. Within three years it houses a coal handling and preparation plant, an 18-megawatt coal power plant, a water supply system, a residential area, a school and a kindergarten.

Sky Resort LLC opens an international standard ski resort and its services with an 18-hole golf course. In 2013 it becomes a year-round recreation resort.

The Mongolian Mining Corporation is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 13, 2010, a historic day as it’s the first time a national Mongolian company is listed internationally.

The 18 MW Ukhaa Khudag power plant is the first power plant in Mongolia to be engineered and constructed by a Mongolian Contractor, MCS International. This project was completed by 1,500 Mongolian engineers and technicians from more than 80 energy and civil engineering companies in just two years.

Mongolia reduces its dependence on Chinese electricity imports when MCS constructs a 400 km, 220 kV transmission line connecting Mandalgovi - Tavan Tolgoi - Oyu Tolgoi. It connects Oyu Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi and Tsagaan Suvarga to the central power system and gives some soums in Dundgovi and Umnugobi aimags and Dalanzadgad a reliable electricity connection.

Intermed Hospital opens, delivering high quality healthcare which reduces the need for Mongolians to seek health diagnoses and treatment overseas. In 2016, the Intermed Hospital passes the JCI accreditation test and receives the ‘Golden Seal’, the first Mongolian hospital to be recognized in this way.

The internationally renowned, luxury Shangri-La hotel chain opens the Shangri-La Hotel and Resort in Ulaanbaatar. The Shangri-La Center, a complex containing a shopping mall, luxury residences, offices, entertainment and sports facilities, opens a year later.

The ASEM Villa project is built by MCS Property LLC to house the heads of 52 states attending the 11th Asia-Europe Summit. Along with the Grand Ger, the convention facility, the ASEM Villla project was completed within a year.

Unitel Group becomes the first telecommunications company in Mongolia to introduce 4G LTE cellular network technology to 21 provinces and 330 soums.

MCS International LLC completes several renewable energy projects, such as the Tsogttsetsii wind farm project and the Sainshand wind farm, both with a capacity of 50MW, the Gegeen solar power station and the Khushigt solar power station, both with a capacity of 15MW between 2016-2018.

MCS International LLC and MCS Property LLC companies complete the Shaft 1 Workshops and Shaft 1 Fuel Delivery System, the final phase of the Underground Critical Facilities (UCF) construction project.

MCS Property LLC constructs the Orchlon STEAM High School, providing a modern learning environment for students.

In pursuit of its mission of Introducing World Standards, MCS made a strategic decision to focus on core business sectors and sold a number of its companies, including Interpress, Medimpex, Anun, Grandhaan Irish Pub, MCS Electronics LLC, Green Catering LLC, Spirt Bal Buram, Zuunkharaa Trade, MCS APB, Goyo and Glamour either to industry-leading companies or to the existing management team under the management buyout.