Our employees

We have 10,000 employees and believe our biggest achievement is an engaged, happy workforce.

‘Without wishing to boast about our achievement so far, we dream of developing our company further, to help our country develop further. This desire shapes us and propels us forward.’

Munkhbaatar S, MCS International LLC

‘The company make me feel valued, so I also try to add value to the company to help it grow.’

Zorigt B, MCS Estates LLC

‘The MCS Group culture was developed at Anungoo through its work for Procter & Gamble, and it is gratifying to see Anungoo employees happy in their work.’

Suvdantulkhuur S, Anungoo LLC

‘MCS Group provides opportunities for its 10,000 employees both at work and in the community. We are able to develop our skills and advance our careers.’

Uranbileg U, MCS Coca-Cola LLC

How much does your child know about your work?

There are 73 vacancies at the moment.

Please fill out an online application form if you are qualified for requirements.

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