Employee Selection Process
Selection procedure
Problem Solving Test
Additional selection
Application results

1. Selection procedure

If you are eligible for the job, the first step is to fill out the application form for review by Human Resources (HR) and Managers. The HR officer of the company that you applied to will notify you of the outcome.

When filling out the application form, take these steps:

• Carefully read the notes at the top of the application.
• Make sure your skills and experience match the job requirements
• If you are a new graduate and have no work experience, give details of your coursework, research papers and other achievements during your studies.
• If you have been working at managerial level, in your work experience section indicate how many people you managed and the scope of your work.

2. Problem Solving Test

The Problem Solving Test (PST) is a general proficiency test that prospective candidates are expected to take for specialist and managerial level positions for all subsidiaries of the MCS Group. The main purpose of the test is to demonstrate your problem solving skills in a pressured environment.
Your PST results will be stored in our HR database. If you do not pass the test threshold, you will be allowed to take it once again in five years. The HR officer of the company you applied to will notify you in advance of the date, time and location of the exam and will share your exam results with you within two business days. It is advisable to prepare yourself by taking the practice test on our website so that you take the exam with confidence and achieve your desired outcome.

Things to bring to the test:

- Identity card (Or passport, driver license)
- Pencil
- Eraser
- Calculator

Problem Solving test
3. Interview

The interview will be conducted by the company's HR Officer and the Departmental Manager. Additional interviews may be conducted, depending on the role. The HR Officer will inform you of the interview result within five business days.

Preparing for your interview:

• Use the STAR approach to answer questions, by explaining the situation, the tasks you were given, the actions you took and the result.
• If you have any questions regarding the job description, please ask for clarification.

4. Additional selection

Some jobs are subject to additional selection processes, which may take the form of a professional exam, homework or research assignments.

5. Application results

Once the pre-selection stages have been completed, the company's HR and manager will make a final decision. HR will notify you of the result.

Open vacancies

Please fill out an online application form through careers.mcs.mn if you are qualified for requirements.

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