Sustainability policy

We operate socially responsible and environmentally friendly businesses as part of our mission to introduce and uphold international standards in Mongolia. We make a significant contribution to the economic and social growth of our country by paying our taxes, creating jobs, investing in the innovation and infrastructure sectors and improving the quality and accessibility of education and health services.

13,000 full-time staff

In 2022

722 billion MNT

Taxes paid in 2022

Sustainable development is a value we have embedded into our business activities and corporate social responsibility practices. We work with active, well-governed NGOs to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of Mongolia.

Partner NGOs

Itgeliin Tanhim NGO

Lantuun dohio NGO

My Club online community

Mongolian Red Cross Society

Arts Council of Mongolia

Mongolian 3x3 Basketball Association

Institute of Applied Psychology

Save Infants NGO

Eeltei Yortonts NGO

We develop our employees by motivating them, meeting their training needs and ensuring their health and safety. We run programs designed to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to develop their education and skills.

Training (2022)


Total number of completed courses


Total number of employees who took the courses


MCS Academy courses


Total number of employees who took the MCS Academy courses

We empower our employees to help others and create a better society through our Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) program. Through this program we enabled employees to spend up to 80,000 hours volunteering in one year.