MCS Group Supports Cultural Preservation with a 2.5 Billion MNT Grant


Mongolian arts and nomadic traditions contribute richly to the cultural heritage of humanity, each adding its unique colour to the tapestry of global culture.

MCS Group have previously spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting Mongolia’s national cultural heritage and arts. These include the digitizing sheet music, scores, and clavier compositions of approximately 50 iconic national plays and operas of the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre, among them “Uran Khas” and “Three Fateful Hills”. We’ve also meticulously restored and remastered 182 films from the golden age of Mongolian movies, including the “Tsogt Taij” and “Mandukhai the Wise”, and 873 documentaries as part of the “Mongol Kino HD” project.

In 2018, MCS Group initiated the Uv Erdene cultural heritage grants program, aiming to safeguard historical and cultural monuments and artefacts of Mongolia’s national heritage and values. The program, funded with 2.5 billion MNT, supported 15 projects, including the Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Bogd Khan Palace Museum, and Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum in partnership with the Arts Council of Mongolia, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, National Centre for Cultural Heritage, and domestic and foreign monument restoration specialists, and advisors.

As part of the programme, a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment with the full list of risks and mitigation recommendations was conducted at the Choijin Lama Temple Museum and the plan for the general layout of the temple, as well as completing full up-to-standard renovations for the interior of the museum, consistent with the architecture and traditional environment. Furthermore, a blueprint for the renovations for the Yadam temple and the Inner Gate restoration was completed, while the care and services for the green space of the museum are further planned to be financed.

At the Bogd Khan Palace Museum, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment was completed which included the recommendations and comprehensive preservation plans for the preservation, protection, and restoration of the Museum.

To promote cultural heritage and fine arts to the youth, interactive exhibits were introduced to the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, delivering visual and audio guides using AR glasses.

Landscaping was also completed at The Palace of Setsen Khan Museum, a site with significant historical and cultural importance for Mongolia, which includes the renovations of the outer area, the creation of green spaces, preservation and protection, and the installation of lighting fixtures, creating a public leisure area.

As part of the Uv Erdene programme, Amarbayasgalant Monastery was supplied with tools and equipment to protect the structure from natural risks, cleaned the overgrowth on the roof, and installed anti-bird nets. The programme also completed the interior renovations of the Art restoration laboratory at the National Gallery of Arts and financed the “Mongolian Melody” dual vinyl record of the Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia.

“Passing on the heritage of the future, by protecting and preserving today”