Let’s #BeStrong during the pandemic


MCS Group has been earnestly engaged in goodwill initiatives to support those who fighting the pandemic on the frontlines, specially after the state of public preparedness declared by the government has extended their hours of operations. A fundraising campaign under the motto #BeStrong was launched by MCS Group aiming to support essential frontline workers amid the pandemic. Namely,

-MNT100 million was donated to National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD) to provide the health workers with immune support supplements as well as to finance procurement of essential equipment;

-MNT155 million worth goods and services were donated by Unitel Group to the Ministry of Health, NCCD, National Emergency Management Agency, General Police, and Special Commissions of 21 provinces to provide with smooth communication means;

-MNT28 million worth beverages were donated by MCS Coca-Cola LLC to the Special Commission staff of 21 provinces, on top of which Total Distribution LLC has added MNT11.2 million worth goods and services.

-MNT22.5 million worth 1,500 rapid tests were donated by Energy Resources LLC to the Special Commission of Tsogttsetsii, Bayan-Ovoo, Tsogt-Ovoo, Khankhongor and Khanbogd soums in Umnugovi aimag as part of its social responsibility.

Besides donations by the companies, employees of MCS Holding LLC have raised funding to provide 90 vulnerable households of Bayanzurkh district with food and fuel through a well established NGO, Bodizul.

Since the community spread of COVID-19 MCS Group’s companies have donated over MNT320 million making the total amount donated since the outbreak over MNT580 million.